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Lake Murray Visitor Center is conveniently located just north of the dam on Highway 6.

Visit the beautiful Lake Murray Dam! Highway 6 will take you to the one and a half mile long Lake Murray Dam, built in 1930. You can see almost 20 miles of the lake as you drive across the dam. 

Boating Safety

Our state waterways are one of South Carolina’s most valued resources. Millions of dollars are spent each year on water recreation from both the tourist trade as well as our own residents. Our organization was formed in part to represent the citizens of South Carolina with regard to boating safety issues and communicate these concerns to our elected officials. After reviewing our state’s current boating laws, we found vast discrepancies in numerous sections of our laws when compared to the same violations committed on our highways. This sends the wrong message and does not act as a sufficient deterrent by not having equal penalties for persons who disregard public safety on our waterways. 

For additional information on our organization, you can visit our web-site at Our site has newspaper articles and editorials on this year’s Senate Subcommittee hearings on boating safety from major newspapers papers around our state. We also have on-line video of the speakers from these hearings on our webpage. 

Boat Rentals

Rental Facilities on Lake Murray

SCE&G Shelters (South Dam Parksite) 781-5940

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988-7399 or 1-800-830-5253 

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